ONE solution for all shift books

Overview - Finito Digital Shift Book - a cross-factory, cross-company shift book solution. Shift book entries are made directly at the machine or employee's PC, but the entries are then brought together in a central database so that you have a factory-wide or company-wide shift book without any additional effort.

This is then kept revision-safe and IT-safe. At the same time, Finito functions as a kind of "knowledge database". That means you can research earlier entries and evaluate and report specific information.

Your investment is safe in the long-term, as Finito is updated regularly by New Solutions GmbH in Burghausen/Upper Bavaria. The program is modified to meet the latest requirements and changing framework conditions.

With Finito you can delegate tasks or issue instructions on a plant-related basis and prepare team talks efficiently.

Shift book entries need only be recorded ONCE; the information is transferred to additional IT systems.  Technical information, such as meter readings, energy consumption, etc., is documented automatically in the shift book. 


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