Emplovis - the shift planner for industry

Have you ever had to deal with planning errors in personnel planning? That in spite of good planning there was, for example, a shortage due to a lack of qualifications? And have you also incurred costs and follow-up costs as a result? Then Emplovis, the personnel scheduling software in Finito is just right for you!

Roster for shift employees - With Finito's additional module "Emplovis" you can create, change and manage rosters for your shift personnel. Emplovis is linked to the individual shift books per organizational unit, department or line.

Emplovis is a secure, flexible and time-saving alternative to duty planning in MS Office Excel. The module supports you in planning shifts and the working time of your employees. Absences such as vacations are taken into account in the system.

Emplovis consists of the following elements

  1. shift types: The type of shift, e.g. the classic early shift or night shift, or even a more individual system. With the shift types you organize the shifts that are performed in your organization. The shift patterns are composed from them.
  2. shift group: you can assign your employees to different shift groups, so that when you create the shift schedule, each employee automatically receives the correct shift schedule. Also, for each shift group, you set a shift pattern that will be applied to that group.
  3. shift pattern: with the shift pattern you determine the sequence of shifts for the shift groups. The shift schedule is then created based on this pattern.
  4. shift schedule generator: you select the start date, the end date and the shift pattern and click on a button - and the shift schedule is created.
  5. shift schedule: Here you can view the shift schedules of your shift groups, you can filter them and download them as a PDF file.

Clearly display and evaluate

Which employee is assigned to which shift can be seen at a glance with Finito's digital staff & skill manager: Shifts, vacations and absences are color-coded. With the help of filters such as period, organizational unit, employee, team, absence, you can create clear lists and print them out if required. By means of a grouping, the number of employees present and absent per day and line is visible for checking the required document strength.
The data recorded in the shift report is available in the workplace statistics, for example, for evaluations relevant to payroll. They can be exported to MS Office Excel or as a PDF file.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Greater flexibility independent of the shift schedule model
  • Fewer errors in shift planning
  • Time savings through detailed insight into a shift
  • Fewer organizational problems and costs due to incorrect planning
  • Direct dispatch as PDF and therefore always visible
  • Qualifications and skills always in view, as they can be assigned to employees

Are you wondering how the shift plan creation can be used in your company? Or do you have other questions about our shift planner Emplovis? Then contact us today or request your free demo access?