Finito - ONE solution for all shift books

Everything under control from shift to shift

How many working hours in your production are spent writing shift logs? And how many on research time for information following a shift handover? You don't know? Here's a prediction: it's too many. Our software solution for a digital shift book system "Finito" optimizes your shift handover and research times by up to 90%!

The Finito digital shift book from New Solutions eliminates the need for handwritten shift logs and ensures that information and instructions are recorded consistently throughout the company. This digital shift log, which is equally suitable for all industries and company sizes, thus significantly simplifies the handover after a shift and saves time and nerves. Traceability of the individual report section is also possible thanks to a digital signature in the shift book.

Contactless shift handover

With the cloud-based digital shift book, employees and shift supervisors can enter their shift and asset information via desktop or even mobile and pass it on to the next shift without contact. Smooth handover process without loss of information. This allows shift handovers to be carried out entirely without physical contact and avoids cross-shift contagion.

Digital shift books improve production quality

This is done quickly and uniformly in the "Finito Digital Shift Book" using ready-made and additionally personally definable text modules for recurring shift events such as electrical faults, industrial accidents or other incidents in your production.
Each event can be time-stamped in free forms and assigned to exactly one asset in your production. In addition, everything is of course filed and stored in an audit-proof manner and output in all common formats for your reporting.

Clearly arranged shift plans

The basis for smooth operations is, of course, employees who know where and when they are needed. The Finito shift book software therefore offers valuable support for personnel deployment and shift planning via an additional module, in which you can plan granularly for individual operating sites, departments or organizational levels in your two- or three-shift operation and discuss them in the team. Additionally, you can send tasks and instructions to a specific group of people. These can be individuals, several people or entire groups.


Comprehensive rights management and mobile retrievability

Of course, all entries can also be called up and changed on the move: employees and shift managers can use cell phones or tablets to view the duty rosters, discuss possible changes and make them. In this way, shift planning runs smoothly - even in times of vacation or crisis. And the best thing about it: since everything is done directly digitally, communication problems are practically impossible, and errors are displayed directly by the program via plausibility checks.
The result is the shift planning of tomorrow with maximum planning reliability and freedom for employees. Do you also want to optimize your shift books and reach the digital future?


Your advantages at a glance

  • Solution without media breaks
  • One-time input is sufficient
  • Efficient information flow
  • Good preparation for team talks
  • Research / Search function
  • IT security
  • Audit safety
  • Investment protection

Any questions?

Do you have any further questions about our digital shift book Finito? Then feel free to write us via the contact form! We will get in touch with you!

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