Finito digital shift book software offers a host of functions

Range of functions - Finito provides you with a standardized method of recording and documenting information from daily shift operations and passing it on to the following shift. Input is accelerated by the use of text modules, automatic recording of measured values (Watchdog), and the electronic signature. The shift report serves as a record of shift handover.

All entries are stored revision-safe in a central database at the end of the shift. Any changes after shift handover are documented and recorded in the shift report.

Build and use know-how

Since the Finito program stores all information and events from shift operation, cross-shift, cross-factory, and cross-location evaluations are possible at the push of a button. You can put these together to make all types of group reports and send them automatically to the respective recipient - even on the go.

In the case of recurring events, you can research individual incidents in detail and re-apply solutions that have already been found. Evaluations of quality-relevant anomalies can be incorporated into quality management and serve as input for the continuous improvement process.

Interface to SAP PM

While all types of shift events (both technical and "soft") can be documented in the Finito software, error messages which are relevant to maintenance can be earmarked for transfer to the technical shift book in SAP PM. Similarly, Finito imports the log files from SAP PM. This eliminates the need for time-consuming double data input.

Thanks to a sophisticated authorization concept, access to the digital shift book is security restricted. Allocation of rights is based on the existing organizational structure and is possible down to individual employee level.

Individual modules, extensions, and plug-ins

Thanks to the modular structure and software architecture of the standard Finito software, you can realize individual extensions or adjustments by using additional modules or plug-ins. The program offers wide-ranging configuration options and an administration interface that allows you to adjust many settings yourself.

Further requirements, such as additional recording fields or special reports at the push of a button, can be easily integrated into the application.


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