Record malfunctions, changes, or other information quickly and simply

Shift report - Information and events occurring during a shift which need to be documented are recorded in the digital shift report. These could be, for example, malfunctions, implemented changes, or pieces of information that are relevant to quality or the environment.

Each event or piece of information is recorded with the time and, if required, the duration. This makes it possible for you to evaluate maintenance, cleaning, and downtimes over a longer period.

Exact assignment 
You can assign information to a production plant / machine and plant unit / piece of equipment. Since assignment is extremely exact, it is possible to carry out detailed research and analysis at a later date.

Information and events can be categorized, for example, as follows:


  • Electrical malfunction
  • Mechanical malfunction
  • Plant breakdown
  • Workplace accident
  • Environmentally critical malfunction
  • Quality-relevant malfunction
  • Planned/unplanned standstill
  • etc.

This facilitates subsequent evaluation. Prioritization (e.g. A/B/C or 1/.2/3/4/5) according to category or manually, is also possible.

Define text modules
Freely definable text modules make it easier for your employees to enter data. The available texts can be modified, supplemented, and formatted to emphasize particular passages.

Attachment files can be stored with each entry (e.g. images, PDF files, Excel lists).


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