Bring information, don't fetch it

Report dispatch - It's an old familiar problem: "The weekly report is available in its usual location, but some people do not fetch it. And then they all claim they didn't know anything about it".

The Finito program breaks with this much-loved habit. It sends the required reports automatically - they only have to be subscribed to once.

By email or as a printout
Dispatch takes place regularly at the desired time, whether it is daily at 10 am or every week on Fridays. Subscribers can even choose in this case whether they would like to receive their reports as PDFs by email or as a printout to the nearest network printer. The electronic version has been optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones (Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, Blackberry) or tablet computers (iPad, Android tablets, Windows 8/10) .

You can subscribe both to summary reports (group reports) and also personal reports. Both are edited according to specific filters.

Subscriptions enable employees to be informed automatically about important events, information, and tasks. Automatic report dispatch is also used by production and works managers as well as middle and senior management.


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