Digitally sign shift reports

Authentication - The Finito program makes it possible to enter an electronic signature under the shift report. This no longer needs to be printed out and filed separately.

Authentication is by means of a personal signature on a signature tablet connected via the USB interface. Finito incorporates the signature into electronic processing.

An advanced electronic signature in accordance with Paragraph 2(2) of the Digital Signature Law (SigG) is used to sign shift reports.

Identification using biometric data
Biometric data are incorporated into the signature image to guarantee the authenticity of the employee. In this case, characteristics such as writing speed, number of breaks, and letter spacing all serve to establish authenticity.

In contrast to paper reports, the digital shift report cannot be subsequently changed or supplemented. The signatory is clearly authenticated by means of his biometric parameters. Should a shift report be subsequently manipulated, the signature becomes invalid.

Acceptance in practice is very high, thanks to the simple and uncomplicated handling of the personal signature. This is customary procedure for the certification of declarations of intent.


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