Meaningful reporting

Group reports - The Finito software lets you define an unlimited number of reports - depending on the information requirements of the specialist departments or hierarchical levels. The summarized or condensed reports are designated as summary reports or group reports. Condensed reports can be revised manually and supplemented with additional information.

Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports
The Finito program differentiates between shift reports (e. g. early, late, and night shift), daily reports and multi-day reports (e. g. weekend report, monthly report, quarterly report). Here, shift entries or other information are summarized over a configurable period.

In this way, you can create a daily report, for example, consisting of the shift reports from the early, late, and night shifts. Weekly reports, weekend reports (Saturday, Sunday), monthly reports or quarterly reports, etc. can also be defined in this way.

Cross-plant and cross-operational reports

The Finito program offers you the possibility to evaluate documented information and events relating to several production plants, assembly lines, or operations. In this case, shift entries are imported into a group report across plants and operations.

A shift report can be defined for operation A, for example, containing all information from the shift reports from production plants P1, P2, P3, and P4.

Tailored to the relevant hierarchical level 

Events and information can also be imported according to several criteria into a superordinate hierarchical report:


  • Priority (e. g. priority A)
  • Category (e. g. machine standstill or environmentally relevant malfunction)
  • Plant sections/equipment (e. g. vessel only)
  • Manually marked entries

Double input of information is therefore not required.

By defining hierarchical reports, the various hierarchical levels are provided with the correspondingly condensed information in a timely manner. In this case, reports are condensed on a hierarchical basis.

Individual detailed reports can be defined by the combination of filters.


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