Secure access to data

Authorization concept - Access to the digital shift book is password-protected - that, too, is an advantage in comparison with the paper version. This means not only that the information is protected against unauthorized access, but that it is possible to trace at all times who has edited or changed which data. Login is possible via the Windows login.

The authorization concept, with user and group administration, allows the assignment of read and write rights. Individual functions, such as shift handover at a change of shift, can be assigned to a person or function (e. g. the shift manger/shift foreman).

In addition, read or write access can be configured according to individual sites, departments, or production plants. In this way, the recording of information and events can be limited to workstations or departments.

The following authorizations can be assigned individually for each user:

  • Read reports
  • Write reports
  • Edit reports
  • Complete reports




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