Automatic data transfer between shift book software Finito and SAP® PM

Automatischer Datenaustausch zwischen Schichtbuch-Software Finito und SAP® PM

Burghausen, August 18th 2014- The New Solutions GmbH has extended their shift book software Finito with an interface to the SAP maintenance module SAP® PM. Collected error notifications of Finito are given to SAP® PM with the push of a button; information as the editing status is coming back automatically. Therefore, double entries are no longer necessary.

If there is an error in the production process, the notification does not have to be recorded twice - in the shift book AND in SAP® PM, but only once in Finito. Thanks to the latest SAP® PM interface in Finito, the record is visible in the SAP maintenance module. That accelerates the internal processes. The maintenance employees can initiate all necessary measures via SAP®, like ordering spare parts, plan resources, etc.

The information flow between Finito and SAP® PM takes place in both directions: status changes of notifications in SAP® PM are automatically shown in Finito as well as reports with outstanding notifications in SAP® PM. Therefore the shift workers are informed all the time about the maintenance status. "Finito functions as hub for data transfer and communication at the plants", explains Christian Ehrenschwendtner, CEO of New Solutions GmbH with offices in Burghausen and Munich. "That accelerates the internal processes and reduces unforeseen down-times in production".

The latest SAP® linkage of Finito is already in use at several industry customers and power plants and works with a SAP®-certified connector.

Shift book software for the industry

Companies in the industry sector collect and record incidents and information out of the daily shift operation in a standardized form with the software Finito. The input is accelerated through text modules, automated monitoring, collection of measured values (Watchdog) and the electronic signature. The shift report functions as protocol for the shift transfer. All entries are saved audit-proof in a central data base after the shift is finished.

Finito is available in several extension levels as well as in seven languages. The software is ready for use on all stationary and mobile devices.

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