Shift book and shift planning in one solution

Shift planning, deployment planning and shift book in a standard software.

Burghausen, June 30th 2015 - The New Solutions GmbH has expanded their electronic shift book solution Finito Digital Shift Book with a shift planner and a deployment planning. Industry customers can create, change and administrate duty rosters and link them with individual shift books. The collected shift report data is available in the work statistics for billing evaluations among others.



The deployment planning in shift operations is quite difficult: every shift needs to have enough staff with the appropriate knowledge. Long-term planned absences like holidays or training need to be taken into consideration as well as short-term occuring absences or unforeseen production peaks.

"A lot of industry plants are still doing their deployment planning with Excel. The shift and deployment planner of Finito ensures a safe, clear and furthermore an integrated alternative", explains Christian Ehrenschwendtner, CEO of New Solutions GmbH.


Deployment planning in the shift operation with the Finito shift planner

Individual roster per employee

The respective shift system is deposited into Finito and the employees are assigned to the individual shift groups. A basic roster is created out of the shift group deployments and the organization units which can be changed by authorized persons when short-term incidents occur. So every employee gets his personal, electronic shift plan.

Who is working where and when can easily be seen with Finito's deployment planning: Shifts, holidays and abscences are structured with colors. Overview lists can be created with filters like time periods, organization units, employees etc. 

Employees are able to include planned abscences like holidays or training into the holiday planner. Team leaders can see and edit entries of their employees in their own organization unit due to a certain authorziation. It is also possible to give several users a complete authorization access for all employees.

This additional module is available for the Windows version of Fintito Digital Shift Book for the time being.


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