Standard interfaces allow integration into existing system landscape

Web services - Standard interfaces via web services allow integration of Finito into an existing system landscape. Incorporation by means of service-oriented architectures (SOA) is possible as a result.

Individual interfaces or direct access to the database using other software products are also possible.

As a rule, all kinds of external data sources can be connected via standardized interfaces.

Interface SAP® PM

To ensure that incident management is carried out efficiently, Finito transfers the recorded error messages to the technical shift book (Interface SAP® PM) and applies changes from there. This eliminates the need for time-consuming double data input.

Finito as MES component in accordance with ISA95-1

According to the ISA95-1 layer model, Finito is to be classified as part of MES - in Manufacturing Flow Execution - that is, between an ERP system and the process control system.

Control and monitoring of the production process is flow-oriented. The resulting product and production-relevant data are captured and documented.


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